Our Interns

Jacqui Moore - Storytelling and Social Media Intern

Born and raised in Napa, California, I now attend San Jose State University as a fifth year seeking a B.S. in Public Relations with an academic emphasis on Global Studies. I love to travel and most recently, I completed a study abroad program in Guatemala where I learned about the cultural differences and struggles of those who live in a third world country. I plan to travel more in whatever ways possible through my future career and experience all different cultures. I have a huge passion for helping people and have found a wonderful place like Veggielution to share that passion of mine. On my off time, I enjoy riding my bike, hiking throughout the Bay Area and taking in as much as I can while I’m still young and full of energy!

Kathleen Wong - Storytelling and Social Media Intern

Hello! My name is Kathleen and I’m one of the Storytelling/Social Media Interns in Veggielution. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and am now currently attending San Jose State University pursuing a B.S. in Nutrition Education with a minor in Radio, Television, & Film. On my spare time, I am an on-air radio DJ for 90.5 FM KSJS with a weekly show and a dragon boat paddler for the San Jose Dragon Boat crew. Interning at Veggielution is a wonderful experience because it ties together food and culture with the East San Jose community and emphasizes the importance of the two -- something I believe are two compelling reasons because culture shapes food traditions and traditions embody our beliefs and views -- through fresh, organic foods and healthy eating. With that in mind, I hope to travel the world to see, experience, and document what nutrition is like in different parts of the world!

Zhining Qi - Storytelling and Social Media Intern

Hello! I am Zhining, an international student from Hangzhou, China. It's my fourth year studying Computer Science in San Jose State University. Being a part of Veggielution is a unique opportunity for my studying abroad experience, because the internship not only combines practicing programming skills and working in a cool environment, but also provides me the chance talking to people in community farm and hearing their stories. I love running, traveling, cooking and eating. I hope to be a user experience designer and software engineer after graduation.My responsibilities are web maintenance and Android app development.

Alysia Cariasco - Youth Education Intern

Hi! My name is Alysia Cariaso and I am 24 years old. I was born in San Francisco and raised in Richmond, California. I am currently a student at San Jose State University, studying Nutrition Education and I will be graduating in Spring 2017. I have great passion for cooking since I was a young girl and constantly watched cooking shows to improve my skills. I love staying active and have played many sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and more. I have many different hobbies and love learning new ones. Having the opportunity to intern at Veggielution is very exciting to me. I have always wanted to learn more about gardening, urban farming and other plants and vegetables I have not heard of. I am very excited to work with the Youth Education program and to see all the happy children and their families come together as a community and experience their time at Veggielution.

Dai Fukomoto - Corporate Relations Intern

Phuong Tran - Accounting Intern

Nita Sridharan - Farm Intern


Hi reader, my name is Nita Sridharan. I'm a senior at Santa Clara University pursing a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy. This past summer I interned on a farm in Petaluma, CA. My experience here was transformative. Sometimes it's hard to pin down in words exactly how I changed or what this place did for me but I think the best indicator was when I noticed myself feeling like a kid again. Singing silly songs while harvesting and laughing for no reason at all were symptoms of me finally eating well, using my body, being outside and an active participant of nature. Since the end of the internship, I've joined the Veggielution team as the Farm intern for this upcoming year in hopes of continuing to do good for myself and my education in sustainable agriculture.

Annie Nguyen - Farm Intern


My name is Annie Nguyen and I was born in Vietnam and I moved to the United States in 2003 with my mother and my brother. I am currently a senior at San Jose State University and major in Nutrition Science and expecting to graduate next Fall. I have a small farm and a chicken coop at home where I have access to fresh products and eggs every week. I love to cook and try out new recipes. Becoming a farm intern at Veggielution, I hope to gain some knowledge about urban farming and learn where our food come from while having a chance to give back to the community.

Tien Lam - Farm Intern

Tien studied Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona only to realize she wanted to pursue a different career path. Living abroad on her own in the U.S for almost 6 years, she's had the opportunity to learn to cook for herself. As a result, she’s gradually become more interested the kinds of foods she eats and where it all comes from. She enjoys the availability of healthy organic foods in the U.S, compared to back home in Vietnam where family members are not well informed about how their food is cultivated. The lack of connection between the Vietnamese community and the food they eat has inspired her to learn about urban sustainable farming, and she hopes to take what she learns from her experiences at Veggielution to help improve conditions back home. After her summer internship working at the farm stand at Veggielution, she became eager to learn about the entire process of growing all of the beautiful produce available, and that's why she wanted to stay for another season. Besides that, she loves being on the farm and meeting different people which gives her the chance to see things from different perspectives in regards to our relationship with food and the food system. She strongly believes this experience will help guide her to find what she's been seeking for.

Marlon Scott - Farm Intern


Marlon Scott is a northern California native who enlisted into the United States Marine Corps after high school (Fremont High). He deployed to Iraq, twice, as a communication specialist. At the end of his four-year contract (2004-2008), Marlon decided to enroll into San Jose State University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in political science with an interest in international relations and political thought. In his senior year of undergraduate studies, Marlon took a nutrition course that required volunteering. Without farming and gardening experience he chose Veggielution. He enjoyed the idea he could learn farming and take fresh vegetables home; it was a win-win situation. Although Marlon tried to move forward with his political career, nature had other plans. Marlon realized politics pales in comparison to farming. Your hands get dirty in both professions at least in farming it’s a natural process, according to Marlon. He brings his Marine Corps principles and values to building a health-conscience community steeped in local organic farming. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in environmental management from University of San Francisco in Fall 2017.