What our program is all about...

Our Internship program has grown and evolved over the past 8 years to become one of our flagship offerings, helping us increase our capacity and complete work here at Veggielution while offering leadership and other job skills to participants. We consider interns to be an integral part of the our team, taking responsibility for exciting projects while working collaboratively with staff, volunteers and other interns.

Farming Internship

(5 positions available)

Interns are an integral part of the Veggielution farm crew, providing essential support to staff throughout the year in almost every area of the farm operation. As a part of our team, you will have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on farming experience as well as a deeper understanding of urban agriculture, community engagement, and the non-profit sphere. We are looking for candidates with a strong work ethic, sense of self-motivation, and commitment to Veggielution’s work and mission.

Farm Interns report directly to the Farm Manager and work closely with the other two farm crew staff to complete a wide variety of farm tasks including bed preparation, seeding and transplanting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, greenhouse propagation, chicken care, and irrigation systems maintenance. You will work in a collaborative, team environment as part of the farm crew, facilitating Community Farmers and working with staff to strengthen daily farm operations. You will select an area of focus within the farm operation (chickens, orchard, compost, greenhouse) and will be responsible for a project within that area.


  • Work quickly and efficiently on a variety of farm tasks including bed preparation, composting, seeding, transplanting, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, trellising, harvesting, etc.
  • Select an area of focus within the farm and work closely with farm crew staff and other interns to strengthen operations within that area
  • Welcome volunteers to the farm and communicate Veggielution’s history and mission
  • Facilitate small groups of Community Farmers during workdays

The ideal candidate for this position has:

  • Articulate oral and written communication skills
  • Comfort facilitating groups of people
  • Enthusiasm and passion for Veggielution’s mission
  • Some experience with gardening, farming, or landscaping
  • Reliability and a strong sense of self-motivation
  • Bilingual ability is a plus (Spanish, Vietnamese)    


  • Minimum 8 hours per week
  • Attend at least 2 workdays per week (Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-12:30pm, Saturday 9-2)
  • Additional afternoon hours to complete project-based work in your focus area can be arranged with the Farm Manager (optional)

This is an unpaid internship.

Apply here and send resume to colleenh@veggielution.org

Youth Education

(3 positions available)

Our Youth Programs are a key part of Veggielution’s mission. These programs include our Youth Garden, and Eastside Explorers middle school field trips. Youth Education Interns will work closely with the Youth Program Manager to engage families with guided activities in the garden and provide weekday support for field trips with our partner schools. We are looking for positive and outgoing individuals who work well with others. Youth Education Interns will have the opportunity to learn basic organic gardening skills, gain experience facilitating small groups, engage with a diverse community, and participate in program outreach.

The Youth Education Internship will complement studies in child and adolescent development, environmental science, nutrition, and education. This internship will prepare interns for work in the nonprofit and education fields.


  • Contribute to Youth Garden maintenance, and lead Youth Garden family activities on Saturday mornings
  • Assist with farm field trips and/or farm tours
  • Work on special projects, e.g., creating garden lessons, assisting with fundraisers, seeking donations, etc.
  • Participate in outreach events relevant to Youth Programs

The Ideal Candidate for this position has:

  • Experience with working with youth and/or families
  • Bilingual ability (Spanish or Vietnamese) *not required
  • Knowledge of current issues around food, health, and sustainable agriculture
  • Articulate oral and written communication skills
  • Comfort in talking to/leading groups of people in activities
  • Enthusiasm and passion for Veggielution’s mission


  • September 2016 - May 2017; 8 hours per week commitment
  • This position requires availability on the first Saturday of every month from 9am to 1pm
  • One additional Saturday per month, flexible date, 9am to 1pm
  • Additional 4-8 hours flexible schedule on weekdays, your choice:
  • Tuesday through Friday between 9am and 4:30pm

This is an unpaid internship.

Apply here and send your resume to jena@veggielution.org

Corporate Relations

Veggielution is seeking a Corporate Sponsorship Intern to assist with our corporate sponsor relationship building. Through sponsorship of Veggielution’s First Saturday program, local companies help to support our mission to connect people from diverse backgrounds through food and farming to build social capital in East San Jose. Our aim is to help our neighbors experience a richness of community life that connects residents to one another and to those outside their neighborhood to create more robust social networks and encourage people to take positive action in their community.

This internship is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the not-for-profit sector, as well as develop above-entry-level skills. Candidates interested in fundraising, special events planning and nonprofit administration are encouraged to apply. The Corporate Sponsorship Intern will work closely with the Executive Director, assisting with vital behind the scenes work, including sponsor research, recruitment and stewardship.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with Veggielution Executive Director and Strategic Communications Consultant to research and recruit corporate sponsors for Veggielution’s First Saturday and other sponsorship opportunities.
  • Assist in the preparation of presentations to potential sponsors.
  • Lead sponsors on site visits/tours and provide invitations to special events.
  • Assist Executive Director in phone and email communication with corporate sponsorship teams.
  • Work closely with the Development Communications Manager to create a program to recognize sponsors by leveraging Veggielution publications and social media platforms.
  • Assist the Veggielution Community Engagement Coordinator in pre-event preparations for and day-of management of sponsor volunteer teams on First Saturdays.
  • Provide data entry and administrative support where needed.


  • Excellent writing, research, communication and telephone skills
  • Previous event planning or fundraising experience preferred
  • Proactive work ethic, self directed
  • Strong time-management, organizational, research and interpersonal skills a must
  • Ability to self-motivate and stay on task
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive, as well as strong ability to learn additional software platforms
  • Conversational Spanish and/or Vietnamese language ability preferred


  • Minimum requirement of 8 hours per week
  • Schedule can be flexible with hours between 9AM-5PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Candidates must be available to participate in First Saturday programming during the months of September-November 2016 and March-May 2017.
  • Farm workday once per month over the course of the internship highly encouraged.

This is an unpaid internship. When applicable, Veggielution will work with schools to provide course credit. One position available.  

Apply here and send your resume to cayceh@veggielution.org


Intern Alumni Page

Sam Moiseff - Storytelling and Social Media Intern

For my high school community service, I needed to find a place to volunteer, and after scrolling endlessly through the pages of Google, I decided to try out Veggielution, the organization I had known about all along and had been considering from the start. After spending dozens of hours working out in the fields and the greenhouses, I came back a year or two later when I heard about a summer internship opportunity. Titled “Storytelling and Social Media,” this position seemed to offer an opportunity to pursue one of my biggest passions, a combination of creativity and technology. As an intern this summer, I envision myself creating pictures and videos to embody the spirit of the farm and sharing my creations with the community. I enjoy spending time with friends, running, watching movies, and just relaxing, because that's what summer is for!

Brenda Romero -Storytelling and Social Media Intern

Born and raised in Hollister California, I was blessed with the ability to eat farm fresh vegetables whenever I wanted. I was raised in a family of farmers and always spent my summers helping my dad with the season's harvest. I moved to the bay area to attend SJSU where I am majoring in public relations and communications studies. I quickly realized that it is not as easy to get fresh produce as back at home. I heard of Veggielution through some friends and started volunteering. I felt right at home as soon as I saw the garden and fields. Veggielution is a great place to continue to learn and grow as a storyteller and an agricultural enthusiast.

Zhining Qi - Storytelling and Social Media Intern

Hello! I am Zhining, an international student from Hangzhou, China. It's my fourth year studying Computer Science in San Jose State University. Being a part of Veggielution is a unique opportunity for my studying abroad experience, because the internship not only combines practicing programming skills and working in a cool environment, but also provides me the chance talking to people in community farm and hearing their stories. I love running, traveling, cooking and eating. I hope to be a user experience designer and software engineer after graduation.My responsibilities are web maintenance and Android app development.

Katie Rummel - Outreach Intern 

Hello, I'm Katie! I'm originally from Southern California but now live up here in the Bay Area. I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. in Anthropology. My passion for healthy, conscious eating has brought me to Veggielution. I believe in sustainable farming practices and farm to table meals and I love to share my passions with others. I love spending time outside and I love learning from my peers. I'm ready to have some fun!

Christina Gutierrez - Special Events Intern

Christina is a Fulbright Scholar currently pursuing a Master’s in Food Culture and Communications: Sustainability at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. With an academic background in Food Policy and Romance Languages (Spanish, French, and Italian), Christina also spent most of her life delving into a whole host of food-related experiences, including living in Peru, Chile, Italy, and France, working with one of the largest associations of organic farms in Costa Rica, doing food policy and nutrition research at the Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, doing fundraising and event planning for food-related organizations, serving as a volunteer at numerous food co-ops, and working as a barista and private caterer. Veggielution seems to be the perfect outlet through which to bring people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds together around shared interests and a desire to create a more sustainable food system in San Jose, all while strengthening the local economy and improving access and affordability to fresh, seasonal, and nutritious food. 

Trang Le - Accounting Intern

Trang is an Accounting student at San Jose State University. In her home country of Viet Nam agriculture is considered a pillar of social stability. As a result, Trang developed her awareness of food systems and agriculture at a very young age. She believes that eating organic food is what keeps the body and mind strong. During her internship at Veggielution, she looks forward to gaining relevant experience in accounting as well as learning more about organic farming and local food systems. She feels strongly about the importance of sustainable agriculture and healthy food options for all, and is especially excited to be working in East San Jose.

Sharon Cardenas - Special Events Intern

My name is Sharon Cardenas and I am currently attending San Jose State University (SJSU) double majoring in Health Science and Radiology. I’ll be graduating with a B.S. in Health Science on Fall 2016 and then apply for the 2-year Radiology program right after. At SJSU, I am a Body Image leader in an organization called Peer Health Education (PHE) where we educate students about health and well-being. Also, I am coordinating the Health Science department graduation this Fall alongside with two other classmates. My family is a total of 7: Father, Mother, and 4 brothers (yes, I am the only girl in the family). Volunteering is something I truly enjoy doing, especially when it comes to helping people out because it is such a rewarding feeling to know that somehow I was able to assist an individual out during stressing moments. The reason why I took an interest in the internship position at Veggielution as a Special Events intern is to gain more insight of this non-profit organization and use hands-on skills to make events successful. I am looking forward to building stronger bonds with the members of Veggielution and the community of San Jose.

Juan Reyes - Outreach Intern

Hello, I am Juan Reyes, newly gradated from KIPP San Jose Collegiate ready to begin at SJSU this fall in Computer science/ Software programming and development. I have lived in San Jose most of my life and this internship as Farm Host gave me the push to try out new things to help my community. I hope to further increase my knowledge in farming and and communication skills while working at the farm.

Kristo Hausmann - Outreach Intern

Hi, I’m Kristo Hausmann. I was born and raised in Washington state, and traveled to the Bay to attend Santa Clara University, where I am entering my senior year studying Environmental Science. I discovered Veggielution on a class trip, and was immediately intrigued by both the innovative farm methods and community-focused mission of the project. I am excited to learn more about the sustainable practices employed here, and I hope to improve our outreach system to build a stronger community of mindful farmers. Talk to me about skiing, solar power, or Game of Thrones! I am looking forward to meeting many amazing volunteers and contributing positively to this community.

Sohum Dalal - Farm Intern

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Sohum’s passion for food developed at a very early age. From watching Food Network stars like Alton Brown and Ina Garten on TV, to helping his mother prepare traditional indian dinners; he fell in love with the kitchen and its productions. After deciding to attend UCLA, he worked in a local bistro serving farm-to-table cuisine, and his love for food only blossomed deeper into other realms, mainly sustainable agriculture and botany. He brings a culinary edge to Veggielution, and looks to continue to learn more about the food we eat, and how it is cultivated. In the future, he plans to open his own restaurant, and strives to educate youth on the importance of organic food and proper eating habits. In his spare time, he loves working on his own recipes, practicing yoga, reading books, and spending time in the great outdoors!

Hannah Lau - Farm Distribution Intern

Hannah is a Bay Area native and is entering her third year at UC Davis, majoring in Animal Science and minoring in International Agricultural Development. She loves food and likes cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients and produce. She is passionate about sustainability — social, economical, and environmental — and is looking forward to contribute to Veggielution’s sustainable farming practices. Hannah is stoked to get to know members of the San Jose community and is excited for the opportunity to use and improve her Spanish. In the future, Hannah hopes to become a small animal surgeon and plans to take two years off to join the Peace Corps for agriculture. In her free time, she enjoys running, driving in her Jeep with the top down, spending time outdoors, and going to farmers markets.

Matthew Kozal - Farm Intern

Matthew Kozal is about to enter his senior year at Santa Clara University studying environmental science. Growing up in Los Angeles his passion for food was first fueled by family gatherings and the community that gathered around the table. Matthews relationship with food evolved as he left LA for the bay area and began college, learning more about food systems has pushed him towards working on the farm at veggielution. He was attracted to the social mission and has come to be inspired by the community coming together to work and share Veggielution. Matthew looks forward to working with the community more closely while at Veggielution and getting to know more about how food gets on our plates.

Etheline Nguyen - Farm Intern

Etheline is a 17 year old student. Like many teens, she had a mediocre relationship with food. She found the low-calorie, high protein trend intriguing since every mainstream media outlet promoted it. However, it was impossible to think clearly and have enough energy to go out and do things when she was eating so few calories. A few months later, she realized that her rash actions were a burden to the other life forms that coexist on Earth. Over this past year, she has been fueling her body with good food and in return, she feels like a new person. The plant based lifestyle has been her gate to higher consciousness, compassionate thinking, and mental clarity. She has never felt more connected to the planet and other humans before. She looks forward to learning about sustainable farming practices, connecting with like-minded people, and actively giving back to Earth. Etheline hopes to empower teens to eat an abundance of nutrient dense foods for their own individual needs so that they can be the best version of themselves.

Claire Smoker - Farm Intern

Claire was born and raised in Santa Clara and is entering her senior year at Santa Clara University. She is studying Environmental Studies and Anthropology with an emphasis in food and sustainable agriculture. Her passion for quality local food drew her to Veggielution, where the mission statement aligns with her values. Claire is excited to work in the farm alongside her fellow interns, volunteers and the farm crew this summer. She loves to cook, can, chat about and eat vegetables and fruit right off the tree (or vine or bush) - especially raspberries. Claire recently started backpacking and has some trips to the sierras planned but would love to hear of some other neat places to explore!

Mary Jackson - Education Intern

My name is Mary Jackson and I'm currently attending California State Monterey Bay. I will graduate in Spring 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies. Born and raised in San Jose I have had a passion for the environment and animals my whole life. I think it's important that people have access to fresh produce and can learn about where the food on their table comes from and the work behind it. I am excited to work with local families and the community in a learning environment based around gardening and healthy and sustainable food practices. I am also looking forward to expanding my own knowledge about food cultivation, and to strengthen my connections towards career opportunities in the nonprofit field.

Gladys Gomez - Education Intern

Hi my name is Gladys Gomez and I am 18 years old. I was born in East Side San Jose and I currently graduated from KIPP San Jose Collegiate. I am an incoming freshmen at UC Riverside where I plan to major in Chemical Engineering. As a child I grew up with my grandparents where they taught me the importance of farming and the importance of being able to connect with nature. I did not want to disconnect with my roots and I wanted to continue learning about farm life. Veggielution seemed as an opportunity where I could be able to learn more about where our food comes from and how we can generally eat healthier. As a youth garden intern I hope to learn and teach children the importance of gardening and knowing where our food comes from.

Jessica Avalos - Education Intern

Hi, I'm Jessica Avalos. I was born in Michoacan Mexico and grew up in San Jose California. I love being outdoors and going to the beach! This fall I will be going into my junior year at San Jose State University majoring in Nutritional Science, emphasis in Dietetics. After graduating, I'm striving towards an internship with SJSU that will ultimately prepare me for the Register Dietician Nutritionist(RDN) accreditation. I believe that the right food choices and a healthy lifestyle leads us to a state of optimal well-being. Through my internship at Veggielution, I hope to learn about sustainable agriculture and meet my personal goals of improving my communication and leadership skills. I am looking forward towards working with kids in the Youth Garden and hopefully inspire them to acknowledge the value of the fruits and veggies they'll be surrounded by, is to their health. This experience will allow me to connect and give back to my community through something we all love, FOOD!

Laura Slater - Education Intern

Born and raised in San Jose, I wanted to learn more about my community and nutrition in my community. In my free time I enjoy gardening and cooking, so I thought Veggielution would be a good place to share my passions with others.  I will be entering my junior year at Santa Clara University as a Public Health Science major with a minor in sociology and bio-engineering. Nutrition and access to food is something I am very passionate about or helping people gain access to healthy food. I really enjoy being outdoors in nature. At home I have a small vegetable garden where I grow tomatoes, cucumbers and a variety of flowers. Growing your own food and learning more about where your food comes from is important to me. Often times we do not know where our food comes from and I think it is important to be able to see that. I also want to share with others the importance of healthy eating.

Kaitlyn Kuehn - Education Intern 

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Kuehn, and I’m entering my senior year at Santa Clara University. I’m from Santa Barbara, California, and grew up enjoying both going to the beach and hiking in the mountains. Such activities sparked my interest in environmental issues from a young age. As I learned more about food justice in my college classes, I was especially excited to apply for an organization like Veggielution. I was drawn to the Education Internship in particular, due to my double major in English and Environmental Studies, and my responsibilities for this internship include working in the Youth Garden and educating kids about where their food comes from. I look forward to learning more about how a non-profit like Veggielution works, and gaining experience designing lessons about community agriculture.