Emma Prusch Farm Park Wayfinding Project

Emma Prusch Farm Park is situated in the heart of East San José, surrounded by a working-class immigrant community where nearly half of residents are foreign-born and most speak a language other than English at home. The surrounding community is a vibrant neighborhood, rich in cultural and culinary traditions and characterized by diverse entrepreneurial food businesses. The Park is just the starting point for how people can discover East San José.


The site map will be designed in a “choose your own adventure” style, offering visitors multiple options that in turn lead to other options. And people love options and not being told what to do. As soon as you walk into the park there’s a list of what not to do. I want people to enter a park and know what they can do and that they have ownership over their own journey. 

Maps help situate people physically and mentally... 

This project will elevate the importance of public open space and its connection to the community that surrounds the park by help guide them through .

It will further the process of placemaking for the park, however it will be implemented by the park users. By encouraging park visitors to choose their own adventure they are creating their own sense of place and understanding as they move through the park. 

Maps help people move through new spaces and in doing so, meet new people, and experience new things and will help foster empathy. As people record and share their firsthand experience others can see what it was like for them. This leads to having a brief moment of experiencing something in someone else’s shoes. To be able to that experience through someone else’s eyes is a powerful tool to build empathy. 



Large Animal Barn

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Small Animal Area

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Emma’s Kitchen Heirloom Garden

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