The Last Barn

The artist was inspired by the story of Emma Prusch, San Jose's rich agricultural history and the continuing traditions. A Monument to the Last Barn draws upon this influence: the form is a four-sided metal structure derived from traditional Santa Clara barns, but stripped of outer cladding to reveal the essential framework. This iconic linkage to early barns is further underscored by the rich, deep barn red color of the piece. The barn’s corrugated galvanized steel roof is topped with three golden wind vanes depicting a rooster, a windmill and an apple. The gables and railings are inset with filigree screens in a bold “fruits and leaves” pattern, representing the orchards that were so vital to the region. Benches placed inside the barn create an inviting and reflective atmosphere amidst the lively park grounds. The artist conceived of this work as homage to the last great large barn on the site at Prusch Farm Park.