Veggielution Internships 2019


Internship Positions: Farm Internships (8 vacancies)

DURATION: WINTER/SPRING january 2019 - march 2019 (flexible scheduling)

Farm Interns report directly to the Farm Manager and work closely with the Volunteer Program Manager and other volunteers to complete a wide variety of farm tasks including, but not limited to; bed preparation, seeding and transplanting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, greenhouse propagation, chicken care, composting, and irrigation systems maintenance. You will work in a collaborative, team environment as part of the farm crew, working alongside staff and volunteers to strengthen daily farm operations. The areas of focus within the farm operation are; chicken coop, orchard, compost, greenhouse, and packing shed. (click "INFO ON FOCUS AREAS" link below for more details)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Follow Farm Activity Flow (on display) process each work day

  • Maintain the Farm Activity Flow and given processes with others in your cohort, working in pairs or teams.

  • Work quickly and efficiently on a variety of farm tasks including bed preparation, composting, seeding, transplanting, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, trellising, harvesting, etc.

  • Welcome new volunteers to the farm and serve as a leader, role model, and teacher.

The ideal candidate for this position has:

  • Strong verbal communication skills

  • Comfort working with people from diverse backgrounds (age, race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and ability)

  • Enthusiasm and passion for Veggielution’s mission

  • Some experience/ interest in gardening, farming, landscaping, etc.

  • Reliability and a strong sense of self-motivation

  • Bilingual ability is a plus (Spanish, Vietnamese)


  • 8 - 20 hours per week (may not exceed 20 hours a week)

  • Attend at least 3 work days per week (Tuesday - Friday 8:30am-12:30pm or 1:00pm - 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am - 12:30pm)

  • Additional afternoon hours to complete project-based work in your focus area can be arranged with the Farm Manager (optional)

  • 1st Saturday’s highly recommended

Benefits & Support provided:

Veggielution t-shirt
Networking opportunities
Discounted Fruits and Vegetables
Letter of recommendation

Education Credits (if needed)

This is an unpaid internship 

To Apply

We encourage you to forward this announcement to others who may be interested. 

Please apply by submitting a cover letter and resume via e-mail at: