Interested in getting a foot in our food truck?

Veggielution's food truck operates differently than any other.

Even if you have no experience in food, as long as you have a desire to learn about, volunteer, or even pursue a career in food, the food truck is the place for you! From food prep to being the lead chef in the kitchen, you can experience what it really takes to pull of food truck service, while connecting with others and getting inspired by your community. 


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Food Truck Position Descriptions

*All members of the food truck team are responsible for the over all success of food truck operation pre-event, during event, and post-event. Each position has responsibilities in each aspect of preparation*

CHEF - mainly responsible for cooking the food for prep and the food for service. Chef, assembler and food prep assistant will work together to accomplish the food specific pieces of food truck operation.

ASSEMBLER - responsible for assembling and executing menu items during food truck service. The Assembler will also be on the food prep team working with the chef and food prep assistant. 

SERVER - responsible for serving the beverages and assures orders are assembled according to the order and calls out the customer name on the day of service. In preparations for service the server will be on the Truck Prep team with the cashier and the truck prep assistant. 

CASHIER - responsible for taking customer orders and processing all transactions. Cashier will be on the Truck Prep team and ensure that the order processes, signs/displays, and customer interactions go smoothly. Cashier will be the point person for bookkeeping and will learn how to close out after a day of service. 

FOOD PREP ASSISTANT - will assist the chef and program coordinator in the execution of the food preparation process. They will ensure that food prep runs smoothly, this will involve the following, but not limited to, grocery shopping, prep planning, and food storage planning.  

TRUCK PREP ASSISTANT -  will assist in the preparations for setting up the food truck for service. This includes utilities check, equipment check, serving materials check, and ensuring the Truck Prep Team prepares the truck as best as possible for the Service Team. 

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Veggielution does not accept service learners and will not sign off on students hour Sheet

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Upcoming Food Truck Events:

  • 1st Saturday (November 3rd)

Veggielution does not accept service learners and will not sign off on students hour Sheet

If you have questions please email