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Eastside Grown harnesses the growing momentum among San José residents and community and City leaders to change the narrative of East San José by elevating its rich cultural and culinary assets to make San José a more engaging, exciting, and delicious place to live .Veggielution’s Eastside Grown is one of the only mobile food entrepreneurship and advocacy programs to originate in an urban farm inside a City park. Change in the local food system must starts with our Eastside Grown Fellows. Our Fellows will help propose process and policy change solutions to address the specific obstacles and challenges mobile vendors face in Santa Clara County.

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Eastside Grown Volunteer Opportunities

Food Truck

Our food truck is our traveling kitchen for our Eastside Grown program. It allows us to venture all over San José to elevate at the talents of our Eastside Grown fellows but to do that we need to make sure it is always in tip-top shape. We’ll let you know the dates that we need your help to make sure our Food Truck is always ready to hit the road!

Veggielution Cocina

Veggielution Cocina is the core aspect of our 1st Saturday programing on the Farm. Cocina is an oppertunity for our Eastside Grown to share a family recipe with class participants in a welcoming setting. Volunteers in the class are crucial to the overall flow and experience for the participants.


Eastside Grown Events

Our Eastside Grown Program participates in a variety of events that happen all over San Jose and that means we always need some extra hands to pull it off smoothy. Our mission is not just to cater these events but to make sure that we are connecting with each other and the volunteers that help are crucial to making events run seamless.


Eastside Grown Commercial Kitchen

Since we currently don’t have a commercial kitchen at Veggielution(One Day!) we need to do all of our prep and cooking work at one of our offsite kitchens. Volunteers who help with this aspect of the program work along side our Eastside Grown fellows in a support role to help produce and prep all the food for a given event.