A Letter from Cody: Why I Give


Dear Veggielutionary,

I came to my first Veggielution workday back in 2009 because I wanted to get my hands in the dirt, and get in touch with my inner farmer. I kept coming back for that simple physicality, satisfying a need that had been unmet for years.

I was also looking to make new friends after moving back to my hometown. I found that too, more than I ever expected. I came for the farming, but I stayed for the friendships and community. I even met my wife through Veggielution!

If you’ve spent any time on the farm, you know what I’m talking about.

You’ve met excellent people. Through the teamwork of a morning’s hard work, you’ve sparked interesting conversations while enjoying the satisfaction of providing East San Jose families with access to good, healthy food. And you’ve sat down to a communal lunch where you’ve deepened friendships. You’ve given generously of your time and in return found the community that also grows in our fields.

Remember that sense of community as you open up your checkbook or pull out your credit card (right now, if you don’t mind!) to make Veggielution part of your holiday giving. 

Over the years I became a Workday Leader, an Americorps staff member, and then joined the board. I’ve been impressed every time I visit the farm to see many familiar faces, and also dozens of new ones.

These faces are young, old, representing all colors and walks of life. I see in many of those faces that they know this farm is their farm. I see young people taking on leadership roles and learning how they can make a difference.

This community farm is thriving, a magnet for people who want to make a difference through urban agriculture. It’s a magnet for people who recognize that growing and cooking food together can be a big step towards fighting obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and other diet-related diseases that are killing people in our community. For people who recognize that these diseases especially affect low-income families with few options.

That’s the other reason I ask you to give to Veggielution this year: help us provide access to healthy, affordable food and education about how to use it.

We’ve already grown our farm to 6 acres thanks to your generosity. We’ve seen hundreds of elementary school children pulling their first carrot from the dirt with a smile, learning that vegetables grow in the ground and not the store. We’ve seen parents learning to cook healthy meals and transform their family’s nutrition. We’ve seen hundreds of high school and college students learning about collaboration, perseverance, and professional skills as they’ve evolved into young leaders through urban farming. I expect all of this will change our world.

Now, please give generously to help the farm continue its good work.

Thank you for all you've given and for giving today to ensure your community farm continues to thrive.


Cody Kraatz
Veggielution Board of Directors

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