Time to plant your summer garden!

Hi everyone,

This week has been busy, productive, and a little hectic as the farm crew has balanced our regular workload with preparations for tomorrow's Master Gardener Spring Garden Market. We will be selling a great selection of summer vegetables and herbs as well as strawberries and California native plants. Mika has really outdone herself this year and her time and energy caring for these plants over the last several months have yielded an impressive selection of high quality seedlings. Come visit our booth at History Park to say hi to our staff and pick up some beautiful starts for your summer garden. 

In other exciting news, this week we seeded our first plantings of sweet corn and bush beans in Section D, and our new irrigation will be up and running on those beds tomorrow. Also, our first large succession of transplanted beets has reached maturity after just 2 months in the ground! This is a much faster turnaround time than normal, and it's thanks to the head start the beets got in the greenhouse before being planted out into the field. Since we have exclusively direct-sown beets in the past, this method was kind of experimental for us, and I'm very happy with the success we've had! 

It's going to be a gorgeous day tomorrow, so swing by the Farm Stand after you stop at History Park to buy some plants!

Available tomorrow 4/16:
Red beets
Red cabbage
Green garlic
Curly Kale
Red butter lettuce
Nopales (on sale again 4 lbs for $5)
Peas (sugar snap and royal snow)

Fruit from Garden to Table:

From Veggielution supporter Laramie Trevino:
Jim Bacon avocados!

Plus fresh eggs as usual! (we are currently out of honey but will be back in stock next Saturday)