Who's Hungry?

We had a quiet but productive week on the farm, making headway on some high priority weeding, transplanting, and bed prep despite being a little short-handed. Today we received some reinforcements, as Ryan is back in action after being out sick most of the week, and we had a sizable group of volunteers (apparently Spring Break = more free time to spend at Veggielution!). We finished harvest before 10am and were able to knock out a bunch of weeding and some bed prep for upcoming plantings of beets, carrots, and potatoes. 

Tomorrow is the final day of our 2016 Workday Leader Class, and I'm so excited for this group of Veggielutionaries to step into their new role as facilitators and leaders at the farm. This cohort has an abundance of skills and interests they bring to the table and I can't wait to work with them on Saturdays and see them grow (pun intended). Come out to a volunteer workday or to our Saturday potluck and meet them for yourselves! 

With more and more consecutive days of sunny weather, our soil is drying down and we'll be able to shape beds in the new acreage early next week. That means sweet corn and green beans, squash, and cucumbers will be going in the ground, and tomatoes won't be far behind. El Niño put us a little behind on our planting schedule, but not by too much. We'll still hit our targets of harvesting the first rounds of corn and tomatoes in early July. Can't wait!

Farm Stand (3/26):
Red beets
Red cabbage
Collard greens
Green Garlic
Regular Garlic
Kale (Russian and curly)
Red butter lettuce
Nopales (we have TONS)
Peas (sugar snap and royal snow)

Fruit from Garden to Table:

And from our friend and supporter Laramie Trevino:
Jim Bacon avocados
Rangpur limes