Fresh Veggies and Eggs, Rain or Shine!

Hi everyone!

We've experienced quite a deluge in the past week, including heavy and sustained rain last weekend and a short-lived downpour timed perfectly with today's harvest. Although I stated it explicitly in today's subject line, the concept of "rain or shine" governs our distribution every week, all year round. Whether it's pouring rain or the sun is blazing down on us, we harvest veggies on schedule and run the Farm Stand and Farm Box pick-ups no matter what. That consistency is very important, and I also think it's a great opportunity to strengthen the connection between customer and farmer. The beauty of Veggielution and our work is that we're out here harvesting in the rain because we know our customers and care about you, and you come out to the Farm Stand even when it's cold and wet because you know your farmers and care about us. While the industrial food system only breeds further disconnection and exploitation in difficult and extreme conditions, small-scale agriculture provides the space to build understanding and connection.

Last week's First Saturday was a testament to the power of "rain or shine," as we welcomed over 20 participants to the first of our Veggielution Cocina! cooking classes. Despite the wet weather, we had a great turnout for all our scheduled events, and the pavilion was full of people eating together for our potluck lunch. In case you missed it, not to worry - you'll have the opportunity to come out for First Saturday activities in April! 

If you haven't yet registered for your spot in our summer 2016 Farm Box season, don't procrastinate -- sign up now!! We are offering fewer shares than last year so make sure you snag your spot in the program. Details about this year's Low Cost and Full Cost shares are on our website.

(Peacock convention in the herb garden)

Available at the Farm Stand 3/12:
Beets (red and golden)
Collard Greens
Kale (Curly and Russian)
Red butterhead lettuce (2 types)
Peas (royal snow and sugar snap)
Fruit from Garden to Table:

See you tomorrow!