A Veggielution Valentine

Each year when Valentine’s Day rolls around, I am faced with making an unpopular and surprising confession.  I’m not a big fan of chocolate.  Yes, it’s strange, but it’s true.  On the 14th, I’ll skip the cardboard heart box of ganache and cordials and take lemon bars and peanut butter cookies instead.  To be even more honest, what I really want is just a basket of chips and salsa.  But enough about me. This is my love letter to you, the Veggielutionaries who make it possible for our small nonprofit organization to think big.  

Dear Veggielutionaries,

How could I do this work without you?

Thank you for all the important roles that you—our interns, advisors, mentors, pro bono consultants and community farmers—graciously fill. You are the Marketing Strategist, Financial Advisor, Distribution Manager and Special Events Consultant…not to mention the Chicken Whisperer, Solar Water Heater Guru, Irrigation Authority and Snapchat Specialist.  You are the passionate, dedicated professionals whose time and talent helps Veggielution make a lasting impact and achieve our goal of building community through food and farming.

You stick with me through thick and thin, accompany me to meetings, review documents and procedures (even the boring ones), and lend me your ear. The impressive range of skills that you give so generously to Veggielution provides the kind of core organizational support that is both critical to our success and also hard to come by through traditional nonprofit funding. You are fun, creative and encouraging. You love to cook and eat!! Your perspectives and experience help drive innovation, boost our reputation in the community, and provide professional development for our staff. On those days when I’m feeling uninspired, you show me new ways of thinking.  When I’m being too hard on myself, you remind me to have fun.  

I can’t think of a better group to have with me on this journey.

Yours truly,