July Volunteer of the Month - Kelly

     You may have seen this volunteer around the farm a lot this month. Meet Kelly, our July volunteer of the month. Kelly has been volunteering at Veggielution since June and has put in many hours of hard work. Her favorite part of volunteering here at the farm is learning about the ways all the different vegetables grow. She said, for example, that "she hadn't expected for tomatillos to grow like little lanterns." In addition to learning new skills, she loves taking home fresh veggies and getting to taste the food she's put hard work into.

     When Kelly isn't volunteering at Veggielution, she enjoys hiking, climbing trees (a unique alternative to rock climbing), and reading. She is also a senior biology major at Santa Clara University. In fact, after taking an insect class at Santa Clara last quarter, she has found herself paying a lot more attention to all our six-legged friends flying and crawling around the farm. Other volunteers don't always share her interest in the insects, but she explained that that's just "life as a nerd." 

     Kelly explained that it's important to her to continue trying to improve our food systems. She has been alarmed to learn about some of the ways food is industrially produced. She explained that she tries to do what she can to help mitigate these issues by staying informed, reducing her own food waste, and volunteering here at Veggielution! We're so glad we've gotten to know Kelly these past couple months here at the farm!


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