Volunteer of the Month: Sally Moiseff

On any given Saturday, you can find Sally Moiseff diligently planting the seeds in our greenhouses that will soon turn into the crops that feed our local community. She is a recent Workday Leader graduate and has come to embody the spirit of the role, leading different members of our community through a variety of activities on the farm. Native of the Bay Area and living in San Jose for 25 years, Sally has fully embraced Veggielution since she started volunteering here consistently in September of 2014. And not surprisingly, she is not new to growing fruits and vegetables. She has her own "mini-farm" at her home where she grows basically everything you can think of that grows in San Jose, including 25 fruit trees!

    Sally had been to Emma Prusch Park many times in the past, but only came to Veggielution to look around a few times during the annual Fall plant sale. It wasn't until her son had to do a service project about nutrition for his class and he chose (with a gentle nudge from Sally) Veggielution as his site, did she decide to get more involved. 

    Sally loves the community that Veggielution cultivates. She values that Veggielution is a place that brings people together in order to help produce nutritionally dense food for the local communities that do not have easy access to these types of foods. She says, “I love that everyone is out on the farm working for a common goal.”

As a Workday Leader, Sally has had the opportunity to lead a variety of groups out in the fields. She said one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Workday Leader is being able to work with people from all age groups, which can range from college students to retirees. It’s this unique aspect that makes Veggielution a special place for her. Overall, Sally’s favorite place to be on the farm is the greenhouse. “It takes an amazing amount of faith to put seeds in the soil, and trust that it will turn into a plant.” Sally is a great Workday Leader and an ideal representative for what we all stand for at Veggielution. Congratulations Sally on being our April Volunteer of the Month!

Find out more about volunteering at Veggielution at www.veggielution.org/volunteer.