Thursdays with Dr. Tadashi

“Are you living or simply existing?”

Such a straightforward, yet a powerful and complex question, changed my outlook on my life.  


I’m Dr. Tadashi Oguchi, a recent graduate of medical school with post-graduate training in nutritional therapy and a certified health coach. Since last September, I have had the privilege of being involved with the Veggielution Community through HealthCorp and am excited to be sharing biweekly blogs about health, nutrition, and wellness with you to further educate and improve my community’s lifestyle habits.

So, what in the world is a physician doing on a community farm, you ask? Well, I ask myself the same question on a regular basis, but at the end of the day, my answer is clear: to inspire and coach people to focus on lifestyle changes through the foundations of nutrition, exercise, and wellness to put their health back into their own hands.

During my clinical trainings in hospitals in New York, Baltimore and Central California, I realized the over dependency on pharmaceuticals and covering up of symptoms of chronic diseases, rather than treatments of the diseases. Instead of compartmentalizing our exquisitely interconnected body, I find it critical to take a step back and look at the foundations of our diet, exercise and wellness regimens to get to the source of the problem.

Personally, I have had health issues that I have been able to resolve by focusing on these foundations. With excessive stress during my undergraduate and medical school years, I developed poor diet and exercise habits.. My weight skyrocketed, going from a healthy weight, to becoming overweight and obese. My poor habits led to high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, anxiety, and depression. I felt tired, forgetful, and disappointed in myself.  My doctors were quick to prescribe me medications, but rather than becoming dependent on pharmaceuticals, I tossed the prescriptions in the trash and decided to form better lifestyle habits. What an example of how physicians make the WORST patients, right?! But by changing my food choices, educating myself about nutrition, increasing my physical activity, and being more in-tuned with my personal wellness, I have resolved all my unwanted symptoms. No more high blood pressure, no more tingling sensations in my extremities, no more anxiety, or feeling depressed. More importantly, I feel full of energy, organized, and vibrant – all done through focusing on my body's innate foundations!

My own experiences with health issues inspired me to dig deeper into nutrition education and health coaching. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and wellness to inspire you to make some positive lifestyle changes! Please feel free to suggest health topics of interest on social media or directly to me at Veggielution – I would love your input!

“When you stop existing and you start truly living, each moment of the day comes alive with the wonder and synchronicity.”  -Steve Maraboli

Live Well,

Dr. Tadashi Oguchi M.D.

Certified Health Coach