February Volunteer of the Month- Ryan Ramirez


Ryan Ramirez and our Farm Manager, Will Chen, started volunteering at Veggielution together in 2008. Ryan originally came to volunteer at the farm to meet a requirement for a political science class. Once Ryan met his requirement, he knew he did not want to stop spending time at Veggielution. Ryan recently graduated from San José State University last spring with a BA in Design Studies, which is a little different than spending time on the farm and is a nice break away from a computer. Currently, Ryan lives in San José and tries to get to the farm at least three times a week to volunteer out in the fields. He is one of our most well rounded volunteers, helping people harvest and doing all sorts of needed field work. He is always eager to get the day started even if it means harvesting some cilantro in the cold morning hours. Ryan is participating in our 6-week workday leader course. He is the quintessential candidate and will be a great workday leader by the end of March.

Ryan has always loved being outdoors. Throughout his childhood, His grandmother and mother had gardens, and he learned alongside them on how to grow and care for the plants. Ryan feels a sense of home and comfort when he’s at Veggielution. He says, “It’s a great way to serve the community while learning all about the ins and outs of farming.” Ryan would rather be outdoors in the fresh air than being all cooped up in a cubical. He said, “Being out on the farm is a great way to learn where your food comes from and how it grows.” Some of his favorite crops to harvest are kale, carrots, and potatoes, but he is not too fond of gathering bunches of cilantro.

He feels that being at Veggielution now has completed the circle that he began in 2008. He started here with Will and now he’s back volunteering again as Will leads the farm. Will said, “He always comes prepared to finish the job. He is a great leader for all the volunteers who come for the first time.” Overall, he hasn’t missed a “beet” and we love seeing him out in the fields with us.