Greens, Roots, Citrus, and the Salad Bowl!

Hope you're enjoying this lovely spring weather we're having. Forecast says more warm sunny days all the way through next week, which means our soil will probably dry out enough to shape beds for upcoming plantings of beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and other goodies. Our heavy clay soil holds on to moisture like nobody's business, so all the rain has been making me a little nervous about our planting schedule. In order to have sweet corn in the Farm Box in mid June, we need to plant it in the field in late March, which means we need to mow a section of cover crop in late February. If it rains in early February, our soil will likely not be dry enough by the end of the month to drive the tractor and cut cover crop. Farming is a long-range game, and at the end of the day even our meticulous advance planning is subject to the whims of something entirely out of our control: the weather

We've been working on some fruit tree pruning the last few weeks and are just about finished up with all the peaches, plums, and pluots. All the rain has meant lots of grass growing between the trees so we'll be taking on some serious weeding in the next couple weeks in order to get the orchard in tip-top shape! I'm excited to see what kind of yields we get this year from our trees with all the care and attention they've been getting.
Enjoy the attached photos (last week's Farm Stand spread, two of our laying hens, snap pea flowers!, and our big project to-do list whiteboard) and please join us tomorrow at our weekly community potluck, this week's theme: The Salad Bowl!!

Available at the Farm Stand 2/6/16
Beets (red and golden)
Broccoli (mini-heads)
Kale (dino, baby curly, and white russian)
Red butterhead lettuce
Fruit from Garden to Table:
Tandors! (cross between tangerine and sweet orange)
Plus eggs and local honey as usual!