September State of the Farm - The evil Bagrada Bug!

September is always a great month of transition on a farm. Certain summer crops like cucumbers and summer squash are finishing up, and we're planting quickly to take advantage of the remaining heat, with cole crops (cabbages, kale, etc.) going in the ground, as well as carrots, beets and other root crops. 

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We have a big ole' problem ahead of us though: a new central coast pest called the Bagrada bug. Whispers of this growing evil have come to us from afar, and now we have confirmed evidence that the Bagrada bug has made it to Veggielution and setting up shop. The Bagrada bug is a type of stink bug that eats the cole crops mentioned above, and has been causing devastating losses to gardens and farms in Southern California, Arizona and other similar climates. This guy is now established on the central coast, and without a good organic control for them, we're basically anticipating a large scale cole crop apocalypse. Are hope is that the cold will slow them down and thus we will stick to establishing these crops in the winter months. 

Other than that, things are great! Our new Silicon Valley Health Crew is getting used to working on the farm and we are getting better at working as a team. We recently took a field trip to the CASFS Farm  with Farm Site and Research Lands Manager Darryl Wong to get some valuable insights into how this amazing farm work operates, and get inspired for the coming season.

After a lot of work, the new greenhouse irrigation is fully operational in one of our two greenhouses. We have been working on this off and on throughout the summer. We are short staffed and had to repair a large valve in the 3" mainline before proceeding further, but now that it works our greenhouse starts are getting the most amazing, even watering it has ever gotten.

Other than the Bagrada bug, this fall is going to be smooth sailing. It's a great time to come out and get involved, so we hope to see you out there!