Summer State of the Farm

Other than that terrible theft we experienced last week, the farm is doing quite well. We on the farm crew just completed our Fall crop plan, and we have already planted many of the fall crops that will close any production gap in October - December, such as potatoes and carrots. In terms of crop planning, our "succession planting" - planting the same crop multiple times to ensure continual harvest - has worked out about as well as ever. We have new successions of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and other crops well on track to begin production right as our first plantings start to taper off.

The bed shaper continues to transform the farm, and we're loving it. This just goes to show how big of benefit the farm can get from investing in the right equipment. We are saving hundreds of hours of time shaping beds by hand, as well as planting straighter which speeds up weeding and other processes. The crops are happier and growing extremely well. If you visit the farm, make sure to check out the basil in "Section D" that are thriving with the straight beds and improved drainage.

Another exciting development is that we are starting to plan a strawberry plot for planting this fall. The strawberries will live in a triangular plot where we currently store compost, and the materials for the planting will be donated by a grower friend of ours who has a large strawberry business down south.

We're working on a variety of site improvement projects, tidying up for the Bounty of Heart's Delight (have you bought tickets yet), finishing up our greenhouse irrigation, installing new signage, and of course, installing better security systems to prevent additional dastardly deeds in the future.