March Volunteer of The Month - Workday Leader Jessamyn Lett

When Jessamyn Lett got a job at Middlebrook Gardens designing scenic and drought tolerant landscapes for private homes, she had to move and start a new life journey. Jessamyn moved to San Jose in 2012 and she heard about Veggielution while looking for volunteer opportunities in the area. Her goal was to meet new people and make friends, but what she found was much more than that. She gained an opportunity to be a leader in her new community.

Jessamyn said it was when she "...first went to Veggielution that fall and loved the friendly welcome, time spent outside, and the pot luck lunch at the end," that she made her first few friends in San Jose. She was invited by Mark Medeiros to join the Work Day Leader class. At that class she learned about the history and function of the farm. An important part of the workday leader class was the training given to them on how to work with volunteers.

Working with large groups of people and directing them is especially difficult with the constant noise from the freeway. Jessamyns has these workday leader skills honed! Her experience with landscaping and gardening allowed her to shine in her work at Veggielution. She was able to help head the Veggielution Native Hedgerow project. With the help of other volunteers, Jessamyn replants, weeds, and prunes native plants. You can catch her volunteering most Saturdays on the farm. We appreciate all your work, Thanks Jessamyn!