Veggielution Alumna: Michelle Domocol


 Who are you?

I’m Michelle Domocol and I was an intern here at Veggielution. Before that I was  working in the Philippines and Australia as a community facilitator, lecturer, environmental consultant. I did some qualitative research assistance, but it was always with an environmental management focus.

When I got to California I started to going to classes in Cabrillo in Santa Cruz and working in the horticulture department and then I started my internship here and also decided to do some freelance garden design and also continued my horticultural assistance.

I interned summer 2012 from July through August.

How did you hear about Veggielution?

I worked with Jesse Nichols on a restoration project and she was one of the AmeriCorps members. She was one of the educators here and told me about the projects. I was really intrigued. It seemed really familiar. It seemed like the work I did in Australia and the Philippines. I wanted to acculturate to life in California and sustainable practices here, so I thought it was a great opportunity.

What did you do as an intern?

I coordinated volunteers, worked in the youth garden, did soil bed preparation. I was a farm crew intern so I did preparation, maintenance, harvesting, nursery management. I got to interact with wonderful people.

What was your biggest takeaway from your experience here?

Basically continuing and cultivating my relationship with the staff here. I've really appreciated that. They’re a wonderful support system and source of community organizing techniques. I really treasure their connection to the San Jose community, so I really loved interviewing and talking to them about community development.

What are some of your favorite things about Veggielution?

Great conversations, the vegetables that we get for free, and really learning about the career opportunities that I've encountered from the relationships that I've established here at Veggielution.

Can you describe Veggielution in just 3 words?

Fun, enriching, and dynamic.