July: State of the farm


We are in the beginning of Summer and we're quite busy over here keeping up with the wild growing weeds and demanding planting schedule. We just put in our last round of nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) and continue to plant beans, squash, cucumbers and other crops every few weeks, so that we can have a continuing succession of crops. We've harvested the first of our potatoes and green beans, and our first tomatoes and peppers are about 1 week away from ripening! It's going to be a very productive Summer, and we are excited about bringing thousands of pounds of produce to our community this season.

The new face of the farm is revealing itself as each plot matures into harvest-ready crops. New tractor paths are defined by mulch, and our new buildings are improved incrementally to increasingly facilitate the farm's many needs.

 As always, there is plenty of work to do, and the Summer months are a great time to volunteer. Volunteers can bring home plenty of food, and learn a ton about organic gardening while working alongside the farm-crew, interns, and the 30 high school youth program participants known as The Dig Crew. Come out and participate on the flourishing fields of Veggielution.


Mark Medeiros

Farm Director