Veggielution has been a journey, and there’s a long road ahead...


2013 has been the most dramatic and inspiring year to date, with the farm finally growing into the full 6-acre site at Prusch Farm Park. We have built much of the infrastructure needed to continue farming here for years to come. But now we need to nurture and sustain this farm we have all built together. As you all know, the work of gardening is never done!

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We’re going to be honest: the road ahead is not easy. As we near the end of 2013, we’re facing some tough decisions. Without your support we cannot continue to offer the same level of community programs in 2014. We also have infrastructure that is not yet complete, such as wheelchair accessible walkways, water and electricity for our kitchen, and other improvements to be made in order to increase the accessibility and usefulness of our farm.

Please help keep us going... we can’t do this without you!

There are many times where the work seemed to hard, or that we couldn’t possibly raise the money to build, to buy a tractor, or expand our school gardens. But each time that we’ve called for help, you’ve lifted us up, donating time and money. Each year our community of supporters has taken Veggielution to new heights.

If you believe in what we do, then believe us when we say that having the help of supporters like you is what makes our work possible. Please continue your support and donate today.