Supporter Kudos

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With the collective help of the community and local organizations Veggielution is able to  bring affordable, sustainable, locally grown produce to our neighbors. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in supporting The Farm during our expansion!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the farm this holiday season:

Mary Lou Benchek, Eric and Andria Bengtson, Mary Petron Bottega, Victoria BowesMok,       Michael Burt, Deila Caballero, Dan Chapman, Joseph and Mary Connolly, Mike Curran, Jo Ann Dumas, Kim Evangelisti, Amy Fields, James and Linda Foss, Jack Frisch, Evan Green, Susan Hartt, Clint and Shannon  Johns, Emma Kelsey, Michelle Kiang, Cody Kraatz, Kai-Ling Kuo, Jynelle La Pointe, David and Kathy Lemon, Heidi Lidtke, Deborah Mancuso, Scott and Cindy McCalmont, Beth Mcguire, Patricia and Frank Nichols, Ivan  Nikittin, Andy & Linda Pederson, Sarah Perez, Pat Plant, Corina and Troy Rahmig, Sherrie Raposa, Christian Reynolds, Ellen Rosenberg, Margaret Schrader, Katie Smith, Diane Solomon, Rebecca Sloan and Jeffrey Titulaer, Timothy Tomasi, Jenna Valentine, Debbie Wade, Laura Wells, Autumn Young.

We are grateful to all of the organizations who made our expansion possible:

NVIDIA: Funded almost a half million dollars for Project Inspire, an infrastructural makeover at Veggielution.
DPR Construction: Donated a crew of construction workers for 1 month, in order to complete all building projects from Project Inspire. This work is valued at nearly $20,000.
Chipotle: Is granting us $6,000 to help us build out our snazzy new kitchen.
GCRCD: Is granting us up to $4,000 to fund our Native Hedgerow Project.
Anonymous Benefactor: Donated $2,500 to the farm.
Silicon Valley Land Conservancy: Funded $1,000 worth of California Native Plants for our beautiful new hedgerows.
Emma Prusch Farm Park Foundation: Donated $500 to our growth.
Living Better Lives: Donated $750 towards our school gardens.

If you haven't had the chance to donate yet, don't you fret, we still have plenty of work ahead of us. Donations of any size and at any time help Veggielution keep up the good work!