Help Veggielution Grow!


Dear Friends,

The food we eat tells the story of who we are and the society that we live in. What story does the food in your kitchen tell?

In our ideal world, the food our community eats would tell a story of people who are healthy, provided for, culturally diverse, and connected to the land and each other. We want to create that ideal story, and together, through our work at Veggielution, we have the power to build a food system that nourishes and connects our community.

Whether we’ve lived in the Valley of Heart’s Delight for a few years or a few decades, we’ve all seen our surroundings shift from flowering fruit orchards into the developed tech capital of Silicon Valley. As our local agriculture has dwindled, we’ve seen decades of declining access to healthy, locally grown food and the rise of food related ailments, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and/or diabetes.

Too many of our neighbors don’t have the money, time, or knowledge of options to provide their families with alternatives to the inexpensive, processed, nutrient poor food that lines grocery store aisles. Our food now tells a story of families and neighbors who pay the cost of cheap food with their health. Veggielution offers solutions to challenging local food issues. Our affordable food access and free education programs offer community members fresh, nutrient rich food and the tools and knowledge to make healthy food choices.

“I’m cooking with more fresh food at home. I used to go out to eat with my kids all the time. Now, we are spending more time at home eating healthy food and I’m saving money that I can use on other things for my kids.” Luz Maria, 6 week cooking and nutrition class participant and now peer mentor. (Translated from Spanish)

Thanks to the help of donors like you, we are able to do more than just continue our work, we are growing! With a new long term land agreement, the farm is expanding from 2 to 6 acres. In 2013 the farm will produce 75,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, putting fresh food on the plates of thousands of our neighbors, like our Farm Box participants. Our Farm Box Program will provide 80 families with low cost, local, and sustainable produce from Veggielution each week starting in May.

The new year will also bring the expansion of our educational programs. We will double our free cooking and nutrition classes. Led by peer mentors, 360 cooking class participants will learn how to turn fresh produce from the farm into nutritious meals for their families. Additionally, we will hold a new fall session of our high school youth program. In 2013, 40 Dig Crew youth program participants will become equipped with job skills, cooking, nutrition, and agricultural know how, and most importantly, a deep desire for social change and food justice. These youth gain knowledge that will help them become leaders in promoting healthy food at home and in their community.

As we increase our impact, affecting the lives of over 3,200 community members with greater food access and food education this coming year, the cost of running our free programs will also grow. Veggielution relies on the support of community members like you to fund our programs. Please consider a generous donation that helps write the story of a healthy San Jose. Together we can nourish all members of our community with good food and hands-on knowledge of how to live a healthy life.


Amie Frisch, Executive Director                                   Mark Medeiros, Farm Director

P.S. Donate $150 or more by December 31st and receive a Veggielution canvas grocery bag as an expression of our gratitude for your support!